Leopard Safari

Leopard Safari in Jawai

Leopards here are the biggest predictors living in Jawai hills for years in and peaceful manner along with humans etc

Leopard Safari is one of the premium activities of Jawai and Bera. There are more than 60 leopards along with cubs dwelling in the Jawai Hills as they are called. The increasing population of leopards in the 60-sq.The kilometre area of Jawai makes Jawai and Bera the best place in the world for leopard sightings and photography. These predators dwell around the hills and the dense forests shielding the human villages. A pleasant harmony is visible between humans, animals, and nature with the leopards.

Jawai Leopard safari is a prominent activity to do in Jawai, which attracts tourists to visit Jawai and Bera and get a chance to witness these magnificent and shy Big cats in the hills of Jawai.

Jawai Leopard safari is conducted two times a day, Early Morning and Late Afternoon. In both times, sightings of leopards are very high in Jawai. To Book the Jawai Leopard Safari while your stay in Jawai Dam Stay, please inform us when you make your accommodation booking in Jawai Dam Stay.

Jawai Leopard safari Timings

In Jawai Leopard Safari can be done any time in the daylight but we recommend two timings for the best chances of sighting leopards in Jawai.

Early Morning Safari = 06:00AM To 08:30AM
Late Afternoon Safari = 04:00PM to 07:00PM
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