Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Jawai

Jeep safari is the most exciting activity in Jawai. Enjoy a safari in an open jeep which will take you to the high terrain of Jawai hills.

As Jawai is brimmed with many pasture lands for grazing domestic animals in sunlight and in dark the area is acquired by wild animals. For the Jawai Jungle safari, Jawai Dam Stay will take you on this safari in the early morning for sightings, when all the wild animals of the Jungle are returning back to their caves. As per our daily tracking in the Jungle of Jawai, we found, the early morning safari is only the best time period to witness these wild animals in their best way.

Our specialized jeep Safari takes you with specialized guides into the wilderness of Jawai showing along the way its alluring wildlife activity and eventually to spot the shyest and intellectual member of Big cats “The Leopards”. The dwelling in the Jawai Hills and the slopes, the water holes, and the spotting points is the highlight with 90% sighting guarantees. The safari also takes you to spots the Big Crocks resting along the river and the lakeside. Along the route keep your eyes open for other wildlife and birds, understand nature in its purest form and shoot as much as you can from your Camera.

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